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Choosing the right house inspector can mean the difference between a safe haven and a costly mistake. Many face the challenge of hiring inspectors who, while technically competent, often fail to communicate findings clearly. It’s not just about identifying issues—it’s about understanding them. At Imperative Home Solutions, LLC, we pride ourselves on our personable approach and crystal-clear communication, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your home.

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Learn the Importance of a General Home Inspection

A general home inspection serves as the foundation of confident property investment. Whether you’re buying or selling, it provides a transparent snapshot of the property’s condition. Beyond the visible, our property inspector dives deep, uncovering potential issues that might go unnoticed—issues that could lead to costly repairs in the future.

A quality home inspection can identify problems like structural damages, outdated electrical systems, or hidden water leaks. It’s not merely about identifying problems but about forecasting future challenges, ensuring safety, and preserving the value of the property. In essence, an inspection is a small investment for peace of mind in one of life’s most significant investments: your home.

Our House Inspection Includes

At Imperative Home Solutions, LLC, we specialize in:

Exterior Evaluation:

  • Roof condition and integrity
  • Chimney and flashing inspection
  • Siding, stucco, or brick condition
  • Foundation and structural components
  • Grading and drainage around the property
  • Exterior doors, windows, and trim

Interior Inspection:

  • Walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Doors, windows, and locks
  • Electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures
  • Plumbing fixtures, pipes, and water supply
  • HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • Insulation and ventilation in the attic
  • Fireplaces, if present

Basement/Crawlspace Assessment:

  • Foundation walls and floors
  • Moisture or water intrusion
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Visible plumbing and electrical components

Roof Examination:

  • Roof covering material and condition
  • Flashings, vents, and chimneys
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Skylights or other roof penetrations

Electrical System Check:

  • Service panel (breakers/fuses)
  • Wiring condition and type
  • Outlets, switches, and light fixtures
  • Grounding and bonding

Plumbing System Inspection:

  • Water supply lines
  • Drainage and waste pipes
  • Plumbing fixtures (sinks, toilets, showers)
  • Water heater evaluation
  • Sewer line inspection (if feasible)

Heating and Cooling Assessment:

  • Furnace/boiler evaluation
  • Heat exchanger inspection
  • Air conditioning system functionality
  • Ventilation and ductwork condition

Attic and Insulation Review:

  • Insulation type and thickness
  • Vapor barriers and ventilation
  • Roof penetrations and potential leaks

Interior Elements Evaluation:

  • Walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Staircases and railings
  • Countertops and cabinets
  • Appliances and fixtures
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Additional Checks:

  • Garage and garage door operation
  • Driveway and sidewalks condition
  • Deck, patio, or balcony assessment
  • Overall safety concerns

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